EVENT REVIEW: Slow the Flow: Calderdale


Community Led Natural Flood Management: A Celebration of Local Resilience

The Calder Valley was dramatically impacted by the floods of Boxing Day in 2015. It affected businesses and our communities but there was also a response: residents asked ‘what can I do?’  Slow the Flow Calderdale was part of that response. We are a small local charity working on natural flood management, promoting SuDS/rain gardens, monitoring and education. We have come a long way in three years and we have learnt many lessons about funding, working with volunteers and developing a relationship with the statutory agencies, local authorities and local landowners.

The Slow The Flow Calderdale ‘Community-led Natural Flood Management’ conference weekend was well attended, by a diverse audience from across the UK. Following the Calder Valley’s latest flood event in March 2019, and the apparent success of STFC’s leaky dams at Hardcastle Crags, there is a refreshed interest in how the community can pursue Natural Flood Management (NFM), both in Calderdale and other areas. Speakers included EA insights into their national Flood Risk Management and NFM strategies, the CEO of the National Flood Forum on their ‘Let’s Talk About Flooding’ campaign, and LIYHB members Bill Blackledge and Amanda McDermott on their SuDS work, including the ‘You Can Slow The Flow’ project with Slow The Flow Calderdale. If you missed it, videos of the speakers will shortly be available online at slowtheflow.net.




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