Pop-up’ park offers new ideas for busy Leeds street


Pop-up’ park offers new ideas for busy Leeds street


A new ‘pop-up park’ has appeared in the heart of Leeds’ business district.

From the 13 – 16 September, parking bays on the corner of St Paul’s Street and Park Square West will be transformed into an inner city sanctuary for commuters and passersby, putting forward new ideas for its future.

Entitled ‘Park Here’, the project is presented by DLA Design Group, a company specialising in Architecture, Landscape, Graphic and Interior Design, in consultation with the local business community. With their head office based on St Paul’s Street, DLA Design turned to staff and neighbours for ideas to improve the neighbourhood and enhance its special qualities.

The unlikely sight of a smaller ‘parklet’ in 2015 started the debate, provoking a flurry of new ideas including wider pavements, fewer cars, more trees and welcoming seating on which to pause and soak up the atmosphere. Described as ‘busy, bustling and vibrant’, the area’s most cherished qualities were cited as the unique character of its buildings and St Paul’s Street’s connectivity.

In response to this consultation DLA Design has put forward a vision for the future of St Paul’s Street, which is on display at their offices during the installation. Thanks to a Leeds Inspired grant, Leeds-based artists Reet So will also be putting on activities that invite members of the public to enjoy the temporary public space and ‘sow a seed’ in the shape of further ideas for the street. Local businesses and community groups are encouraged to use the space to help express the diversity and energy of St Paul’s Street.

Mark Bust, Director of DLA Design Group’s Landscape and Urban Design team said:

“Having worked in our office on St Paul’s Street for over three years it has become acutely apparent that with a little creative thinking and some rebalancing between the car and the pedestrian, the character of the street could be transformed from a backwater thoroughfare into a vibrant, attractive, humanised space with a unique character, which hopefully could act as a catalyst and evolution of spaces across the city to create a more civilised and people-friendly environment.

Following the success of our temporary ‘parklet’ last year we wanted to take people’s ideas to the next level and propose a long term vision for the street whilst creating a temporary intervention to provide a glimpse of what could be possible.”

‘Park Here’ is open to the public till 16 September on the corner of St Paul’s Street and Park Square West.





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