Brewery Wharf

Brewery Wharf

The brief for this project was underpinned by the overall aim and aspiration to revitalise and reawaken this forgotten part of the city and create a new community on the banks of the River Aire.

Integral to the overall aim was the provision of quality public realm and particularly to the creation of two public squares on site. Recognising the prominence of the built environment, the brief called for the landscape design to support this prestigious development and enhance the character of the scheme – thus improving amenity and adding excitement and interest with the inclusion of key pieces of public art.

The aim was to create a series of spaces, within an overall cohesive framework, that would provide a contemporary urban landscape setting for the new buildings. Importantly, it was hoped that the public realm would provide a safe, lively and welcoming environment and encourage people back into this part of the city.

Special consideration was to be given to the 2 main public spaces that would be created. Each was expected to have its own character and feel and yet sit well alongside one another in the overall development. The introduction of appropriate and interesting public art was also part of the initial brief as it was hoped this would add a unique interest and diversity to the scheme.

Ultimately the brief called for a high quality and considered response that would not only add an aesthetic benefit to the area but also have a positive social and cultural effect.

Location Leeds
Lead landscape architect DLA Landscape & Urban Design
Client Rushbond PLC
Other info Photo: Karl Smit at Karl Andre Photography / Simon Miles


Category Townscape

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